IEC Power Transformer, GSU Transformer


Octal supplies IEC Power transformer, GSU Transformer (Generator step-up transformer) for power plant, in IEC 60076
Reference Standards of IEC power transformer, GSU transformer:
IEC 60076 for power transformers
IEC 60044 for instrument transformers
IEC 60137 Insulating bushings for alternating voltage above 1000V
IEC 60214 Tap-Changers
IEC 60270 Partial discharge measurements
IEC 60296 Specification for unused mineral insulating oils for transformers and switchgear
IEC 60354 Loading guide for oil-immersed power transformer
IEC 60404 Magnetic materials
IEC 60475 Method of sampling liquid dielectrics
IEC 60529 Classification of degrees of protection provided by enclosures
IEC 60542 Application guide for on-load tap-changers
IEC 60567 Guide for sampling of gases and of oil from oil-filled electrical equipment and for the analysis of free and dissolved gases
IEC 60616 Terminal and tapping markings for power transformers
IEC 60651 Sound level meters
IEC 60071 Insulation coordination
IEC 60044 Current transformers
IEC 61181 Mineral oil-filled electrical equipoment
IEC 60599 Mineral oil-impregnated electrical equipment in service

Voltage: 35kV, 110kV, 220kV, 330kV
Rated Power: 360MVA and below.
Octal has good experiences of purchasing the best guaranteed products from professional GSU transformers manufacturers in China.

IEC Power Transformer, GSU transformer specifications:

Range of Voltage: 330kV, 220kV, 110kV, 35kV, 10kV~35kV
Vector Group: Ynd11, Ydn11
Rated Power: 360 MVA and below

Octal is intended to provide big capacity GSU transformer, IEC power transformer from all the best power transformer manufacturers in China.

Advantages from Octal

Octal offer IEC power transformer, GSU transformer with the advantages of below. From the best power transformer manufacturers in China.

a. Our GSU transformer has low Loss and low noises. The Core laminations are composed of high quality grain-oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheets with the chamfered joints where with 5 steps, to ensuring low loss and low noises. This is the big advantage compared the other power transformer manufacturers.

b. Octal supply electrical GSU transformer with safe guaranteed and reliable services. Forever reliable, partial discharge of finished products of electrical transformer are constantly kept below 100pC, to make sure that the transformers could be operated under long service voltage and occasional over voltage without any trouble.

c. Octal electrical transformer and GSU transformer provides convenient erection and maintenance. To minimize erection work, electrical transformer are so fabricated that lifting the active part out of tank to inspect after arrival at site is not a mandatory.

d. Careful fabrication.

Octal is working on to provide the most efficiency GSU transformer, among all the power transformer manufacturers in China.

Applications of IEC Power Transformer and GSU Transformer

IEC Power transformer and GSU transformer have been widely used in power plant, power station, power grids, metallurgy, chemicals, transportation, mechanical, oil and gas field, aviation, new energy and etc.

ISO Approved, IEC 60076

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