API 5DP Drill Pipe


Octal offers different grades of API 5DP Drill Pipe, sourcing from professional drill pipe manufacturers in China, supply range as below:
Standard and Grades
API 5DP Grade DZ50,
General Grade of Drill Pipe API 5DP Grade E75,
General Grade of Drill Pipe API 5DP Grade R780,
Medium high grade of Drill Pipe API 5DP Grade X95,
High grade Drill Pipe API 5DP Grade G105,
High grade Drill Pipe API 5DP Grade S135

API 5DP Drill Pipe Sizes Range

Range of Sizes: 2 3/8” to 5 1/2”
Range of Thickness: 6.5mm to 12.7mm
Length: R1, R2, R3

API 5DP Drill Pipe mechanical properties and manufacturing processes

Drill Pipe manufactured strictly according to API 5DP standard
Yield strength: Min 517 Mpa
Tensile strength: Min 724 Mpa
Pipe body material: High quality alloy seamless pipe of E75
Thread treatment: Phosphorization or copper plating

Applications of the Drill Pipe in API 5DP

The drilling tool is connected drill rod for transferring power. The drill string is usually part are: drill, drill collars, drill pipe, stabilizers, special connectors and Kelly. The basic role of the drill string are: (1)control the drill bit; (2) imposed WOB; (3) transmission of power; (4) transporting drilling fluid; (5) special operations: extrusion of cement, handling underground accidents.

API 5DP drill pipe is trailing with screw thread for connecting the drilling rig located at the bottom of surface drilling equipment and mill equipment or bottom outlet device. The purpose is to drill the drilling mud delivered to the drill bit, and drill with the increase, decrease or rotating bottom outlet means. Drill pipe must be able to withstand great external pressure, twisting, bending and vibration. In the mining and oil and gas refining process, the drill pipe can be used multiple times.


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